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ABOUT PRUDENT CLEANING SERVICES – We now operate under Clean Master Sydney

Prudent Cleaning Services (PCS) established in Sydney, Australia, is a commercial and domestic cleaning company. We are dedicated to service and quality, with a 100% commitment to customer satisfaction.

Why are we different?

At PCS, we pride ourselves on being an innovative and problem solving organization that uses the most efficient cleaning techniques to achieve the best result. Our client’s satisfaction is always top priority.

We are conscious of the environment we live in and are sensitive to the changing needs of our clients. That’s why, at PCS, we have made the mindful decision to use cleaning products that are environmentally friendly.

Our Team

PCS places the highest priority on providing a safe and healthy work environment for clients and staff. By creating a harmonious work and training environment, we encourage, develop and maintain a superior cleaning standard.

Our training includes:

  • Induction course requiring all staff to be aware of current Occupational Health and Safety Legislation and regulatory requirements
  • Annual injury and illness prevention workshops
  • Product and technique workshops to increase efficiency

All employees have been trained and screened thoroughly. They are experienced, reliable, and trustworthy professionals.

Peace of Mind – Our Promise to You

When you hire PCS, you will not be disappointed. The results truly speak for themselves.

Our dedication to provide the highest quality cleaning services means you can rest assured that your specifically tailored cleaning schedule will exceed requirements. We aim to take away your cleaning burden, so you can use your time on more important things.

Get Best Services from Our Business.