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How Do You Get Yellow Stains Out Of White Curtains?

There is no doubt in the fact that the curtains add beauty to the place. But then the yellow stains occurring on the curtains can be visible, which is not a sign of an attractive and healthy atmosphere. There are many reasons why the curtains have yellow spots. It may be due to dust, allergens, stains and improper cleaning methods.

So, here are a few methods and tips to know how to get rid of those yellow stains on the curtains and maintain it attractively and cleanly.

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Pre-Cleaning Methods:

  • Usually, not at the curtains are of the same quality and fabric. So it is essential to you analyses and know the Curtain Dry Cleaning method which is valid for the specific type of yours.
  • Net curtains cannot be cleaned in the same way as how you clean the shower curtains or standard curtains, it needs extra care and attention while cleaning.
  • So, first try to analyse and choose a proper cleaning method for the curtains.
  • While cleaning the curtains, it is essential to pre-clean them. Pre-cleaning methods can help you in a great way to clean the curtains properly and to get rid of dust easily.
  • So, try to dust the curtains with the help of your hands or with the help of any gentle tool so that all the dust particles and dirt are removed from the curtains before they are involved in the actual cleaning process.
  • If possible, it is okay if your curtains are involved in Curtain Dry Cleaning process and Curtain Steam Cleaning process.
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Cleaning Methods:

  • If there are yellow stains on the curtains, try to apply a little amount of baking soda, ammonia or lemon on that particular mark and try to scrub them gently.
  • Cleaning the stains initially and then washing them with the help of detergents would help the curtains clean correctly and thoroughly.
  • Post to this, you can just take a sufficient bathtub and pour detergent into it and start washing the curtains.
  • You can also make use of baking soda and ammonia mixed in water to wash the curtains. But then not all the curtains can be washed with the mixed mixture.
  • A few curtains will not be able to sustain the power of both of the mixtures, so it is critical for you to check them first on a small part and then start cleaning on the whole.
  • Baking soda and ammonia mixed mixture cannot be used for soft quality and fabric curtains, so it is better to check and then start using it.
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Points to Remember:

  • In the bathtub, you need to soak the curtains for a few minutes before you start washing it. After that, you can start washing the curtains with hands or with washing machines. A few curtains are very soft regarding fabric, so it may need gentle washing techniques.
  • In that case, you can wash the curtains with your hands or if it can be washed in machines, then it can be done as such.
  • Post that rinsing the curtains completely with fresh lukewarm water and then drying it should be done. All these steps are essential in Curtain Stain Removal process.

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